Jan 3, 2009

Just a Suggestion

As a professional in a field that I have worked in for over a decade. I'm fairly confident that when I give someone photo/wedding advice I know a little more than they do. I'm not trying to being arrogant, but I do go to almost two dozen weddings a year and I network with other vendors and get feedback from couples.

You don't always have to follow my, or other vendors advice, but you should at least take it with a grain of salt as you typically only get married once.

On occasion I see internet message boards that have posts from brides-to-be looking for services or having questions about planning their weddings. If I have time I'll send a quick answer or suggestion. I've helped couples from England to California. Often getting very pleasant replies for my advice.

However for whatever reason, when I give advice towards the aspect of photography I often get very rude replies, especially closer to home. Telling me to mind my own business, or how dare you tell me what a bride wants.

These are always set as suggestions like the ones in this blog
-the 3 Most Important Things You'll Choose
-Wedding photographer under $500

The fact of the matter is, it's a suggestion. Just some advice I'm giving you, you don't have to take it, sorry if it was unwanted, but it never hurts to get another opinion, even if you think I'm biased.

All wedding vendors have a wealth of knowledge and many will help you find reliable sources for other vendors, offer you advice outside of their area of service. They may or may not be trying to win your business over, however chances are they know a few things you don't and if it stops you from paying $15 for another bride magazine it just might be worth it for that.