Jan 29, 2010

Save a Hundred Dollars on your wedding

As someone who was married with in the last 5 years, I can tell you without a doubt the best way my wife & I could have saved a few hundred dollars, would have been by not spending $15 each on a handful of magazines and putting those $30 or $50 fancy wedding planner style trapper keepers/scrap books back on the shelf at Borders.

Most of the info in there can easily be found on internet wedding sites, by bloggers and know-it-alls like me. Also, we forget sometimes the best resources are right in front of us. Chances are you know at least a couple of people who have been married in the last few years. Especially if you are younger.

While the popping up of sites like Yelp.com, Angieslist.com & the old tried and true Better Business Bureau BBB.org, are all great tools, nothing beats hearing it from people you know and can trust as opposed to possible fake reviews, or overly picky brides.

Be sure to ask more than just "Did you like them?", as some couples might have a different budget, different taste and hidden factors like their parents might have been paying some of the bills.

Also, if you are at a wedding take mental notes on how the vendors & their services were. Don't be afraid to ask to see a couple wedding video or album, most will gladly show them off, but don't assume if they don't have it yet it's the vendors fault. I routinely have couples who take between 4-10 months to get back to me on their albums.

Jan 20, 2010

Blog Fade was so 2009

My son (Alexander Xerxes Johnson) & I. (photo by my wife Jang Mi Johnson)

So I think we can all say that pretty much world wide 2009 was a year quite a few of us would rather forget. Short of the birth of my first born child in June, I think I would have to agree.

I started this Blog back in the fall of 2008 and while I'll admit it's not the daily update of wedding trends all upcoming brides are looking for, I can't say it was ever intended to be update more than 2-3 times a month. I look at it as timeless information that should be read from the first to the last entry.

But, many of you might have noticed something internet trend watchers called "Blog Fade". Which is where somebody starts to blog, but for whatever reason, those blog posts fall from being frequent to none at all.

You'll also may have noticed my Blog Fade happened in June, so if you can put the pieces together, I've been on daddy duty most of the week, since the majority of my shooting work is done on weekends and blog entries have been push aside.

Eitherway, I'm posting here to tell you that 2010 is going to be a lot more active than the previous 6 months.

Look for;
Photographer recommendations
Best of images from weddings I've recently shot
Questions to ask your potential photographer
Web sites for wedding ideas & info
Post wedding ideas of photos & much more

Send me your feedback on photographers you've seen or used, as well as photo ideas you like or comment on my work & ideas. I look forward to hearing from you in 2010 and wish all you would-be couples the best in 2010.

Vincent D. Johnson